Elder Keith Seegmiller(non-registered)
Eclectic and beautiful collection, Sue. Hope your new position takes you to many new places where you can continue to capture the wonders of this world.
Loretta Skerjan(non-registered)
Hi Sue...just browsed all your photos, they are beautiful!!! I especially like the ones from Italy...my motherland.
Carolyn Roock(non-registered)
Your photos are simply spectacular. Thanks for sharing.
Randy Hill(non-registered)
This is beautiful work Sue. You are a very talented lady with a keen eye for the details that others take for granted. Keep it up.
Cathy Olivi(non-registered)
I am amazed by the beauty your eyes see, outstanding work Sue. Thank you so much for sharing, you are gifted.
Diane Massie(non-registered)
Woo hoo! Congratulations!!
Dawn Vogelsberg(non-registered)
Sue, these are amazing. So beautiful!
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