Kazlaw Nelson Images | About
I consider myself both a photographer and an artist. I studied art, design and photography, with favorite masters like Miro leaving me with a passion for strong primary colors and fragmented shapes. I am drawn to bright colors-it doesn’t even matter what the subject is, color just calls out to me and I want to capture it. My eyes are constantly looking to create images. Dramatic shadows intrigue me, as well as shapes that I can abstract within a scene or inside an object. I know an image is working for me when I step back and see the power of it. Equally important to me is the impact that lighting can have on the emotion of the scene and on myself…I know how I feel when I am shooting. When the light feels right to me, I get excited- because I know that the image will take on a special quality. I often shoot close ups, due to my detail-oriented personality and I especially love to shoot extreme tight views that sometimes puzzle the viewer.

When I travel, I love to get off the beaten path and look for the hidden gems- things that may not be easily recognized for the location, but are things that will always mean something to me. I remember little stories around many of the photos I shoot, they all become wonderful memories for me, etched in my mind and I never forget them.